Kathy’s Story Part 1

Preface: In February of this year, a close friend of the family knew she was not long for this world, having suffered through the pain of ovarian cancer. She asked her sister Karen to post the words that poured from her heart, a testament of sorts that could be passed...

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Fear vs Excitement

Did you know that fear/anxiety and excitement are two sides of the same coin, that the body can’t tell the difference between anxiety and excitement, and that the difference is only the expectation that you have? Sounds weird, right? But when you really think about...

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How to Fight Stress with Intentional Breathing

This is a simple and effective form of deep breathing, which defuses the stress feedback loop and teaches your brain and body to relax. Taking a deep breath or two to relax in and of itself isn’t new. Many people take a few deep breaths when they’re feeling overcome...

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Happy Feelings on Command

Creating happy feelings on command. Is that even possible, you might ask and my answer is: Yes! There is a way of doing that, it comes from NLP and is called anchoring. You create an anchor on your body with happy memories and every time you touch that anchor, you...

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We’ve heard the word tossed around a lot in marketing campaigns. Brands have become aware that we’re sensitive to the effects that we/they are having on our environment. This illustrates the part of the definition “avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in...

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How to Turn Challenges into Opportunities

According to the laws of duality, there must be always two sides, meaning if something bad happens, something good happens as well. We are facing many challenges in these times, but that means that there are also many opportunities. The question is: can you see them?...

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