The future of fitting In

Do you want your children or your grandchildren to be average? Do you encourage them to be like 'everyone else' so they feel accepted? This is an interesting question to consider…of course, we – all of us – want to be liked, to feel like we belong and that we have a...

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What is Normal?

Normal is an illusion that we have been sold. Being normal is non-offensive, non-threatening and blends into the background. It goes against everything that we are actually meant to be. We are born to be unique. We are born to shine. We are born with unique gifts and...

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Confusion and Overwhelm

Some people say that life is wonderful, others really hate it, most of us are somewhere in between. Some people say that the elections in the USA were rigged, some say all is well, and many of us do not know what to believe. Many people are healthy and vibrant, others...

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How to Make New Year’s Resolutions Work for You

Every year many people make resolutions to improve their life, their habits, their business. And every year the majority of us fail miserably at keeping those resolutions. We have abandoned them before the first month is over. And each year we blame ourselves for not...

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Happy New Year!

Today is just a short message, an encouragement for resolutions because when you are without a goal, you are without hope. You need something to look forward just to keep you moving forward. And it is so important to keep moving because when you stand still you are...

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Tapping on Holiday Stress

With the holidays just around the corner the stress about it all is building up, and especially this year, where there is a lot of extra stress with the organisation of the family and friends visits etc., and the increased financial strain many are facing The festive...

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