The Emotional Freedom Technique changed my life

Pain. We’ve all felt it. However, most of us won’t recognise when we’re suffering from chronic pain. Chronic pain disguises itself in various forms. Examples include back pain that comes and goes, headaches, migraines, neck and shoulder pain, and the list goes on. If...

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Sinus pain hurts!

Many of us know about the emotional symptoms of depression. But are you aware that prolonged physical pain can be connected to emotional pain? Consider this scenario. You’ve seen your GP numerous times about a particular physical pain you’re suffering. You were...

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My friend, Dr Phil

We regularly forget that people aren’t perfect. It’s natural for us to simply judge others when they don’t meet our standards or expectations. Now, you may have just read that and thought “I paid money to receive a high level of service. So yes, I should have an...

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How breathing can help combat fear and stress

It’s not very well known that fear, chronic stress and pain are usually interrelated. But it doesn’t end there. The cause of chronic stress and pain is due to a pre-existing fear affecting one’s thought process. We live in a society where everyone is always busy. Many...

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Synchronicity Is the Universe’s Way of Reaching Out to You

What is synchronicity? Conceived by Carl Jung (Swiss psychiatrist/psychoanalyst), the term was coined in the early 1900s. He defined it by saying, “Synchronicity could be understood as an ordering system by means of which ‘similar’ things coincide, without there being...

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