6 Steps of Healing E-Book

Six Steps of Healing Framework

This page will be helpful for you if you don’t know where to start your healing journey or how to awaken your spiritual part. 

There are six stages of healing, a methodology principle created by Dawn through the years of her practice with clients.  

The “6 Steps of Healing” is a free e-book guide on self – work to understand the healing path you have to go through in order to heal.

The first one is about taking RESPONSIBILITY:

It is the foundation. The healing principle that you must become more powerful than the pain, suffering or trauma you’re experiencing in life.

100% Principle – you must take 100% responsibility for everything that’s happening in your life, the life that you’re going to create.

This is about ACCEPTANCE:

Self acceptance – accept yourself for who you are for any mistakes made, bad choices, and decide to see your weaknesses as stages of evolution – baby, toddler, child, teenager, young adult, adult, wise one.

Judgment – Stop blaming yourself and shaming and feeling guilty.

It is what is – the goal is to be in a mind of “it is what is”, where you are now, it is what it is, you did the best you could with what you knew so stop hurting yourself!

The third stage is profoundly helpful – HOPE:

Create a deep foundation of hope that you will never go back to the state of despair.  It will never happen again because we’ve stacked enough evidence that we do not wish to create this pain, trauma and/or suffering again.

Here is where enough hope has been created inside of ourselves.

  • Stack evidence – Look for where you have created good in life and take stock of how you are, how you show up, and start to stack evidence that you can heal.
  • Solution-oriented – Align with what you want to create and focus on what you want, not what you don’t.

This takes you to BELIEF:

This stage is about changing your beliefs so they are aligned to who you want to become, not who you were, or who you are right now based on the stories that you are or have been telling yourself.  It’s creating those powerful beliefs that are aligned for you.  You then start to understand who you are as a person.

  • Self belief – Reflect on where you are growing and what stages you are at, and what you plan to do going forward.
  • Asking intelligent questions – Keep asking questions.
  • Master the mind – understand you are the CEO and look for where you are out of alignment.
  • World beliefs – What world beliefs do you have that hinder you?
  • 6 stages of healing – shift the resistance you have of these stages.


I know who I am, I know how I show up in the world.  I know what I’m creating, I profoundly and deeply trust myself.  I show up no matter what, and I don’t give up.  I see that my life in the world is a playground and I’m here to be happy, free and be my true beautiful self.

  • Who are you becoming? What do you want and who do you need to be to get there?
  • What’s getting in the way? Shifting the resistance within.

This is where you really start to BE AND DO!

Sovereignty – Harness your mind to create the reality you want.

  • Stay in your own lane – focus is key and you must focus on your own life and trust everyone else is better off with you growing and expanding.
  • Meta communicator – How to be the observer and watch yourself so that you can instantly change lifelong patterns, no longer live in fear and anxiety, be and not just do.  Human being not human doing.  You become the main creator of your life aligned with the universe.

This process has been attuned to shift and change DNA.  

All of your life experiences as well as your parents’ and ancestors’ experiences are imprinted in your DNA.  However, if you’re completely changing the way that you believe, see and perceive the world, your DNA structure can no longer be the same after experiencing and working with Dawn Cady.

6 Steps of Healing E-Book