I am a straight shooter and I only work with women who are ready and willing for absolute honesty.


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 Dawn provides online self-studying programs for spiritual growth

I have some questions, Dawn!

Here are some Answers to Questions I have been asked by women just like you in the past:

Every area, the higher self has the answers on everything going on, it has the eagle eyes view. It knows exactly what’s happening, why it’s happening and how to navigate every situation.

It’s for women who know there is a bigger plan for their life, who know their intuition is their powerful allegiance but may struggle to access constant information. That’s where I come in, I can access everything they need to know.

Through years of healing and communicating with the body, I started to get access to information about my clients’ troubles, issues they were facing, and how they can navigate their challenges. It’s an evolution of years of energy healing, channeling my own higher self and channeling the universe’s teachings. I’m simply an open vessel that receives exactly what my clients need to know to move forward in their lives.

Unfortunately, I no longer do, I only work with a small number of clients for 3 to 6 months so I can receive distilled information that is potent so they can change the course of their life and be aligned to their highest life path.

Just like in the movie sliding doors, 1 decision can change the course of a person’s life. My role is to access the highest path so my clients make decisions from that place. The highest and greatest path of growth, happiness, and freedom.

You will not be pulled to work with me, you will not feel a desire nor will I.


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(for more info click the button below)

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6 stages of healing program

6 Steps of Healing

I provide online self-studying programs for spiritual growth.  With the “6 Steps of Healing” program you will experience healing activation sessions that are equivalent to at least 3-4 years of traditional therapy.  Experience an upgrade of your energy body, including your physical body, mental body, and emotional body.

The Rise of the Sovereign Being

In this Program you walk away activated and aligned to your higher self, allowing you to easily align to your true self, you will be imprinted with your original blueprint and will have a profound knowing that you are powerful beyond your minds capacity to comprehend.  This will allow you to start to align and create a life you love.

This is for you if you want to know your superpower and how to activate it. Ready to know how to navigate your limitations with clarity and ease, know how to be a powerful being and navigate the game of life.

 rise of the sovereign being

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My interviews with my expertise on different topics (from chronic pain and health to life/relationship/finances/business and to spiritual awakening and living in the 5D dimension community on Earth) which has impacted thousands of listeners.  I bring the stories, case studies and experience, to inspire, educate, provide techniques and give the direction to move forward. 

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Most people have a belief that failure is a bad thing, that being a failure means you’re a loser. 

The fact is, failure is simply discovering a way that doesn’t work. That’s it. 

Or another way of looking at it is we are scientists and we are here to experiment. And there is no such thing as failure only when you give up and walk away.   

Now I’m a BIG failure or are brilliant scientist lol depends which way you look at it. 

People work with me because of how much experimenting I’ve done. 

  • 6 failed businesses (and two successful) 
  • learned how to walk again not once but 3 times 
  • reversed 3 diseases 
  • overcame 2 nervous breakdowns 
  • chronic pain (fibromyalgia) 
  • CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) 
  • PTSD 
  • postal natal/partum depression 
  • severe anxiety 
  • depression
  • addictions to painkillers, smoking, sugar, weed
  • marriage breakdown
  • being broke like skint can’t afford to eat
  • well off (rich to some) then loosing it
  • homeschooling (unschoolable I was told BS)
  • son with autism, process sensory issues, learning difficulties(caused by drugs I was prescribed whilst pregnant
  • going off grid
  • overcoming major trauma from physical, mental and emotional abuse
  • severe bullying
  • loosing my mum to cancer
  • having a mum with undiagnosed bi-polar
  • self loathing
  • low self-esteem and confidence
  • emigrating with no family
  • sexual assault by a Dr
  • much more…

“I believe the best teachers and coaches are those who have lived experience not book taught.”

Am I for you? 

  1. If you want to navigate life’s obstacles fast with ease and grace. 
  2. If you what success in any or all of these areas:    

Mind (eliminate all limitations);

Body (heal from dis-ease);

Spirit (harness your intuition);

Relationships (marriage, children, friendships);

Dismantling from the matrix

(off-grid living, off-grid business, homeschooling).