The Science of Pain

No one wants to experience pain – whether it be acute or chronic. Not only does it cause damage but it also causes distress. Pain, particularly chronic pain, can leave many people feeling helpless. What makes this worse is not knowing what causes the pain....

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Be Aware: Poison Comes in Many Pleasant Forms [TOXIC]

Is that a word you would use to describe air and water pollution (?) pesticides in our food (?) chemicals in our cosmetics (?) the opioid epidemic (?) your work environment (?) some of your relationships (?) just a Britney Spears song (???) Simply put, toxic means...

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Stress is the Main Contributor to Pain

I was once such a chronic stress-head and so self-critical that it broke down my body’s ability to heal. I had gone through three different diseases, a disability, two nervous breakdowns and an addiction to painkillers. The thoughts I was experiencing whilst living...

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