Slaying Your Dragons

Many people have trouble facing problems in life because they are too scared of the outcome. They are always putting things off instead of just facing their fears. It might feel as though you have been slapped in the face. You might have spent so much time worrying...

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The Power of Questions

Did you know that you can change your mindset by changing the questions you ask? The quality of your life is created by your attitude, and that is caused by the thoughts you think. Life can throw you many problems that upset you, and many challenges that excite you,...

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Lazy Day

Lazy Day 🎶 sounds lovely – if you’re of a certain age, the song comes to mind immediately (Spanky and Our Gang 1967). It conjures up visions of a delightful picnic, shared with loved ones, under a shade tree on a beautiful sunny day. There’s no rushing off to do...

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How to Get Good Sleep

As promised last week, this week we show you some ways to improve on your sleep and how you can get the most out of your sleep. When you have problems falling asleep, some simple bedtime routines will help you wind down and prepare you for bed. Few people manage to...

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Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Your Health

About 30% of people suffer from poor sleep, and they often blame stress, computers and taking work home as the culprit. Many of us have experienced the fatigue, short temper and lack of focus that often follow a poor night's sleep. And although an occasional night...

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Why We Sleep

Why do we sleep? Sleep is a biological necessity. All complex organisms have a sleep-wake cycle, from simple fruit flies to humans. In humans, sleep has many vital functions for both physical and mental health. Important experiments with individuals who were sleep...

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