The 5 Second Rule

This is an article from Mel Robbins about her 5-second rule and when I read this I thought it was so awesome that I wanted to share this with the whole world. Simply because this is going to change your life when you apply this. But remember, it will only change your...

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Kathy’s Story Part 3

Preface: In February of this year, a close friend of the family knew she was not long for this world, having suffered through the pain of ovarian cancer. She asked her sister Karen to post the words that had poured from her heart, a testament of sorts that could be...

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How to Become a Happier Person

Would you like to be a happier person but don’t know how you can feel happier with so many negative things going around? Here are seven proven ways on how to improve on your happiness:   Practice gratitude once a week. Feeling and expressing gratitude, or...

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Tapping on Procrastination

It was only about a year ago that we wrote another blog on procrastination, this was in the beginning of July 2019. And now here we are again. But this time I want you to do something about it. Procrastination is something that about 20% of the population is suffering...

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Your Farts Cause Giggles and Blaming

There are some things that will never change between child- and adulthood. Giggling when you fart is one of those things. Whether you blame it on the dog or your husband, passing gas is a normal bodily function. But, is it possible to fart too often? Are your daily...

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How to Meditate Part 3

Meditation is a good way to finding answers you are seeking for, especially when you are ready to look within to find these answers. There are several ways you can do this. When you go inside to find the answer you are expecting to get an answer in some sort of way,...

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