Tapping on Holiday Stress

With the holidays just around the corner the stress about it all is building up, and especially this year, where there is a lot of extra stress with the organisation of the family and friends visits etc., and the increased financial strain many are facing

The festive season is a time for coming together and celebrating and it is supposed to be a joyful time, but for many people it is also a time of stress, anxiety, exhaustion and overwhelm. Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or tapping can be an excellent way to help relieve stress so you can embrace the spirit of the season and happily join the festivities.


Once you notice that there is some stress that you wish to relieve, I want you to look at what issue you want to tap on. Be aware of any physical symptoms you may be having in regard to your issue such as tension, pain, butterflies in the stomach, nausea, feeling scared, angry or sad. Notice where it is in your body. You may also be aware of your limiting beliefs or negative thoughts that are getting in the way of your overcoming this issue.


Now, please rate the intensity of your emotions and feelings on a scale of 0-10, with 10 being the worst. Remember that in EFT we have to tap on the negative first until the negative issue is down to about 4 or below on the a scale of 1 to 10, before you bring in any positive statements.


It doesn’t matter how many rounds you do on the negative, it will eventually go down. Sometimes you will still feel uncomfortable and that may be because another feeling or aspect has come up while the first one went down. That is time to start tapping on that new negative emotion and bring that down and so forth.


Remember the tapping points?

KC = Side of hand, karate chop point

EB = Eyebrow

SE = Side of the Eye

UE = Under the Eye

UN = Under the Nose

CH = Chin

CB = Collar Bone

UA = Under the Arm

TH = Top of Head


For a more detailed explanation of tapping, watch this video:



Now take three big deep breaths while thinking about that holiday stress.

KC Even though the holidays are coming up and there is a part of me that feels it is exciting and wonderful, there is another part of me that feels dread at the stress and relationship obligations I have to handle, I deeply and completely honor and accept my feelings about it.


Even though I have become stressed in the past, and I feel so stressed out right now, I’m open to doing things differently this year, I’m open to honouring my limitations and to realize that I can’t please all the people all of the time and I choose to completely accept my feelings about this.


Even though the holidays are stressful, and I feel so overwhelmed and anxious when I think about the holiday season, I choose to be open to a more joyful time this year and accept how I feel and who I am.


Acknowledge the stress and the emotions that come with it. If you need more than one round to do this, repeat the phrases or add your own.


EB I’m so stressed out

SE There is so much to do

UE Shopping and cooking

UN Cleaning and entertaining

CH The holidays are more work than fun

CB It’s taking it’s toll on me

UA I feel tired just thinking about it

TH I wish I could close the door on it all


EB This stress

SE I don’t want to deal with it

UE This stress about the holidays

UN This holiday stress

CH All these feelings

CB Too much stress

UA All the responsibility

TH All the expectations


EB I am spending way too much

SE too much money, time and energy

UE I don’t have enough of it

UN I’m exhausted even thinking about it

CP I love the holidays

CB and I hate the holidays

TH All this stress


EB This holiday stress

SE it is costing so much money, time and energy

UE and it feels like I don’t have enough

UN I’m exhausted thinking about it

CP This stress

CB This holiday stress

TH All this holiday stress


EB It’s just too much

SE I feel so overwhelmed

UE all of this anxiety in my body

UN The holiday season is a big trigger for me

CH It is supposed to be all perfect and happy

CB but it is just too much for me

UA I so would love to have a different experience this time

TH but I don’t know where to start


EB There is too much to do

SE There are too many annoying people who are stressing me out

UE and too many stressful thoughts swirling inside my head

UN I really would like to release my angst-ridden

CH and uneasy feelings

CB The holiday season is supposed to be a joyful time

UA with peace and happiness

TH but I don’t feel any of that


EB What is wrong with me?

SE Am I supposed to pretend that everything is okay?

UE I don’t want to pretend anymore

UN It makes me feel even worse

CH I am afraid it will never change

CB I feel powerless to change all these unwanted emotions

UA and get over my stress and anxiety

TH I just want to enjoy myself


EB I want to enjoy the holidays

SE I want to relax and have fun

UE I want to feel ease

UN I want to get into the spirit of the season

CH I want to feel like everything is under control

CB I want to have time for myself

UA What if all this is possible?

TH Maybe I can set my intent to make it possible


EB I don’t want to suffer like this anymore

SE I choose to appreciate knowing

UE that I am in the process of resolving this issue

UN One step at the time

CH One tap at the time

CB Even though I still feel uncomfortable  with what they will think,

UA or what they will say

TH whether they will like or accept me


EB I choose to connect with my heart first

SE I choose to accept me first

UE and listen to my inner guidance and intuition

UN I choose to be more relaxed about all of this

CH to take all of this easy

CB to not rush into things but savour them more

UA When I make a plan I want my dominant intent to be

TH finding that which brings me joy as I imagine it


EB I will allow my desire for joy

SE I will allow my desire for feeling good to be my only guiding light

UE I will take my Wise Self with me everywhere I go

UN When I take my Wise Self to the party it’s going to be a good party

CH When I take my Wise Self the food that I eat will be received perfectly by my body

CB Every word that comes out of my mouth will be beneficial to everyone

UA everyone that hears them with their ears or senses them with their vibration

TH I know that when I am thinking about these things I am actually planning a future event


EB When I am worrying, I am planning

SE When I am appreciating, I am planning

UE So what am I going to plan for this holiday season?

UN When I bring myself in the flow with my Highest Wisest Self, ideas come easily

CH They are implemented easily and it is fun while I am in the process

CB I am going to start telling myself the story of my desire

UA and then add to it all the details of the positive aspects that I can find

TH all the ones that match those desires and ask myself:


EB Wouldn’t it be nice if only good things would come to me?

SE I am going to do my best to keep myself in balance

UE because I know that one of the first things that causes misalignment

UN is asking or demanding too much of myself in terms of time and effort

CH I know I cannot burn the candle at both ends

CB it makes me physically tired and then I expect myself to have a cheerful attitude

UA so now I am going to be very very happy first

TH and then I will do everything else I have time for, after that!


EB I wonder if it’s possible to do less

SE I wonder if I can do things differently this year?

UE I wonder if I can take care of myself better this year?

UN I’m completely open to not overdoing it

CH I wonder if it’s possible if I can just do my best

CB And that’s good enough

UA What if I could take care of my needs this year?

TH What if I could remember what the holidays are really about?


EB What if I could do things the best I can?

SE What if I could have firm boundaries about how much is too much?

UE I’m open to not letting others’ expectations affect me

UN I’m open to not letting others get to me

CH I’m open to getting my needs met

CB I’m open to having strong boundaries

UA I’m open to taking care of my needs during the holidays

TH I’m open to staying calm and to be able to enjoy all the festivities


EB I’m giving myself permission to remember what the holidays are about

SE I’m giving myself permission to not stress

UE And to take things in my stride

UN I’m choosing to feel good wherever I go

CH I’m choosing to feel relaxed and happy wherever I am

CB Even though I may feel alone, I know that God loves me unconditionally

UA And that I am never alone

TH I’m choosing to have safe boundaries


EB I’m open to being grateful for these holidays

SE I’m grateful to be me, feeling relaxed and at peace and to having a happy time.

UE I choose to have a joyful holiday experience

UN I choose to relax and have fun

CH I choose to believe everything will get done

CB I choose to let go of the need for perfection

UA I choose to make time to nurture myself

TH I choose to find things to appreciate


EB I choose to allow myself to bask in the spirit of the season

SE I choose to have peace and believe all is well

UE I’m giving myself permission to relax now

UN And to take things with ease and joy

CH I’m ready to take care of my needs during the holidays

CB I’m staying calm to enjoy all the festivities

UA I’m ready to feel good wherever I go

TH I’m feeling relaxed and happy wherever I am


Now take a few deep breaths, feel into the feeling of relax and joy and actually just relax.

We all wish you a wonderful holiday and that all your wishes may come true.

It is a time to enjoy and to remember that the company of your loved ones is the most important thing during these days.

Enjoy and let us know how you were doing during these festivities.


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Dawn Cady


Dawn Cady is Australia’s premiere transformation & pain management coach and winner of multiple awards for her groundbreaking work. The Neural Alignment Method®  is Dawn’s remarkable brainchild, bringing together the world’s best healing and mindset techniques. With unique expertise and passion, she has helped countless others to achieve real, tangible success, along with a renewed enjoyment and satisfaction in all areas of life.