Which Mindset Do You Have?

Life is a state of mind; imagine the one that you want, and then create it. Which mindset do you have? Are you really aware of how powerful you actually are? Or are you stuck in the idea that you have no power over your life? That you just have to play that big game...

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Love Is All You Need!

As we are all dealing with these difficult times, we can see a variation of reactions in people. The one that is seen most, though, is a reaction of fear. And this is right now a constant fear that causes stress in your body, which ultimately causes disease.  ...

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The Importance of Conscious Awareness

Being aware is very important right now, you have to be aware of everything that you do, hear, and/or read. Times are changing and you do not want to miss anything that is happening. You want to be a part of this change. Do not simply believe everything you hear or...

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Overwhelm Part Deux

Overwhelm Part I dealt with quantity, as in “too many/too much” to do/see/process; Part II considers quality, as in “too intense” with regard to physical pain/emotional overload. Yikes – how much easier Part I was!! As a reminder, this writer is looking through the...

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How to Deal with the Corona Virus Crisis

Present times are very difficult for a lot of people, fear and anxiety about the future, both near and far are causing these times to be even more difficult. I get it, the future is unsure, but it always was anyway, you can get this disease, but you could get lots of...

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Believe in Yourself

By believing in yourself you will give yourself and your environment the greatest gift you can give anyone: Your trust, confidence and security. Being kind to yourself helps you bounce back, live healthier, and stay on track. Self-compassion is a way of relating to...

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