Tapping on the Belief That Your Body Is Not Good Enough

Releasing the Belief That Your Body Isn’t Good Enough.

Is there an aspect of your body that you don’t feel “enough” about?

Something like:

I’m not healthy enough,

I’m not thin enough,

I’m not pretty enough,

I’m not tall enough,

I’m not strong enough…


In this tapping session, we’ll work on releasing the beliefs that our bodies are limited or in some way don’t live up to the expectations that we or others have placed upon them.

For that I would like you to tune into something that you think that your body is not good enough in, like being healthy, strong, resilient, pretty, beautiful, attractive, slim or fit; anything that you have been beating yourself up over, because you felt like you have not been doing enough about it.

But as you know by now, beating yourself up about it does not help, so why do you keep doing it? When you start accepting the way you are, you come from a good place and it is a lot easier to improve on a good thing. We do not expect you to be perfect, we will accept excellence.


For a more detailed explanation of tapping, watch this video:



Give your issue a name and rate this on a scale from 0 to 10.


KP:      Even though I have been beating myself and my body up for so long, I choose to relax and feel safe now.

Even though I have been so tough on myself and my body, because it is not perfect and I want it to be perfect, and even with feeling all these things, I do love and forgive myself.

Even though I believe that my body is not good enough, because of (whatever is your issue), and even with having all these feelings I choose to love and accept myself as I am.

EB:      I am not good enough in my body

SE:      I am too (……)

UE:     and I have not been doing enough about it

UN:     I want to be perfect in my body

CH:     I want my body to be perfect

CB:     because then I will feel better

UA:     and then I can feel good about myself

TH:      and I am judging and beating myself up so that I will change


EB:      All this judgement about my body

SE:      I have beaten myself up about it for so long

UE:     I have judged myself so many times

UN:     I keep focusing on the things that are wrong

CH:     I keep noticing all that is wrong

CB:     instead of seeing what is right

UA:     all these judgements about my body

TH:      I want to feel safe to feel them and let them go


EB:      I choose to feel safe in my body

SE:      but I can feel how I judge my body

UE:     I judge my appearance or condition so much

UN:     all the pain I am feeling

CH:     why is it not healing itself

CB:     all the judgement I am feeling

UA:     I have not been doing enough about it

TH:      but that is in the past now


EB:      I believed that that that was the way to get myself to change

SE:      but I am ready to let that go now

UE:     so that I can start to appreciate myself now

UN:     and still decide to change or improve something

CH:     then I am doing that from a place of love

CB:     now I am ready to find balance in myself

UA:     I am ready to release all the stress right now

TH:      I can let it go and be free


EB:      it is safe to relax

SE:      it is safe to release all these negative beliefs about my body

UE:     I choose to think different thoughts

UN:     and I am not going to be perfect when I do so

CH:     and when I judge myself again

CB:     I am going to forgive myself and let it go

UA:     step by step

TH:      Letting go


Take a deep breath in and relax. Tune in to your body and rate how you feel.


KP:      Even though I do not feel like I am good enough when it comes to my body and it stresses me out, I choose to relax now.

Even though I judge myself and my body so often, I accept how I feel and where I am.

Even though I have some blocks to vibrant health, I choose to acknowledge these and I give myself permission to relax.

EB:      I judge myself about things I dislike of my body

SE:      it is painful to look at myself in the mirror

UE:     I dislike what I feel when I look at myself in the mirror

UN:     I have been criticising and judging my body for all this time

CH:     I acknowledge all these feelings, all this inner pain

CB:     I keep telling myself that I will love myself more when I have changed

UA:     all these beliefs and judgements I have about my body

TH:      it is time to let them go and love myself right now


EB:      I feel like I failed myself

SE:      if only I could have taken better care of my body

UE:     if only I could think more positively

UN:     in the ways I feel about myself

CH:     I acknowledge all these judgements

CB:     all the ways I beat myself up

UA:     I acknowledge all these feelings

TH:      and I prepare to let them go


EB:      I can be feeling safe and strong in my body

SE:      I believe that I can be healthy

UE:     I feel that I can relax and feel good in my body

UN:     I believe that I can love what I see in that mirror

CH:     and even though I still think that I am not good enough

CB:     and that I am judging myself

UA:     when I compare myself to others

TH:      I am ready to let that go now


EB:      I can feel the burden of the pressure

SE:      of wanting to be different

UE:     and I choose to let that go now

UN:     I deserve to be free

CH:     so I choose to let go

CB:     of all those old thoughts and beliefs

UA:     I now can bring them up

TH:      to let them go


EB:      I can now unearth those stuck memories and emotions

SE:      and I can let them go

UE:     it is time to embrace a new way of feeling

UN:     that I am safe, right here and right now

CH:     I now can let go of the belief

CB:     that I am not good enough in my body

UA:     it now is safe to think those new thoughts

TH:      and I allow myself to feel those new feelings


EB:      I am good enough

SE:      and my body is good enough

UE:     I can forgive myself for all the times I judged myself

UN:     I now am letting go of all this old pain and doubt

CH:     I now can let go of all the self blame about my health

CB:     I do not have to be perfect

UA:     because I am enough

TH:      right here and right now


EB:      I release all these judgements about my body

SE:      in this moment I choose to accept my body

UE:     in this moment I choose to accept how I feel

UN:     I love myself and my body, no matter what

CH:     I thank my body for all it does for me

CB:     I am good enough, my body is good enough

UA:     I love and appreciate my body

TH:      I am good enough

Now take a deep breath and let go


Now, it has probably taken you a long time to develop these negative feelings and beliefs about yourself and your body, so I do not want you to expect that they will disappear in one go. They might and they might not. If you do not feel different right away, do not worry, just repeat the tapping a few times and you will notice that over time you will change the way you feel and think about yourself. The most important thing to do besides the tapping is to catch yourself when you are beating yourself up or have negative feelings and thoughts about yourself. When you catch yourself, that is the perfect time to tap about it.


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Dawn Cady


Dawn Cady is Australia’s premiere transformation & pain management coach and winner of multiple awards for her groundbreaking work. The Neural Alignment Method®  is Dawn’s remarkable brainchild, bringing together the world’s best healing and mindset techniques. With unique expertise and passion, she has helped countless others to achieve real, tangible success, along with a renewed enjoyment and satisfaction in all areas of life.