Tips to maintain pain free life

How you live affects your health, it’s as simple as that. Your lifestyle choice will affect all aspects of your physical well-being and that includes how you manage your pain.

When we are feeling stressed, depressed, and overwhelmed by chronic pain which may I say is common then we often have emotional reactions which often make the pain feel worse and can inhibit you from doing what you know you need to do like exercising, eating well and taking medications.

My top tips for helping you get out of the cycle of pain is to:

Meditate a few times a week — do your best here I know it can be difficult. Try doing laid down and cushions under your knees to help take the pressure off your lower back.

Read, relax, enjoy a hot bath and just savour some private quiet time alone — if you struggle reading play an audio-book or some lovely relaxing music.

Exercise — Get plenty of regular exercise to try keep the pounds off and reduce chronic pain. Walking is especially important for the body.

Eat a healthy diet — Stick to natural food and avoid food that come in a packet. Plan your meals and snacks to be sure you’re getting lots of fruits and vegetables through your diet.

Take a vacation when you can — just bring along your medication and all your doctor’s information.

Express yourself — express your feelings in a journal, diary, or blog several times a week. Many people have benefit this very soothing.

Turn to your religion or another form of spirituality for support and guidance — this truly helped me believe there is something bigger out there makes you feel safe.

Get enough rest — at least eight hours each night and take a short nap when you need it and try to get these hours in between 10pm and 2pm as this is when the body is in repair mode.

Keep track of your weight — Even a few extra pounds can worsen chronic pain, so talk to your doctor to determine your healthiest weight. Focus on that number as your goal, and track your weight loss until you reach it.

Avoid alcohol — Don’t medicate yourself with alcohol to manage pain, it will only create more problems.

Sometimes certain activities can be a struggle with chronic pain but that doesn’t mean you can’t do them. Don’t rely solely on medication to make yourself feel better. Take control of your pain and you’ll soon find yourself in control of your life again. I can help you to make your life a bit easier.

If you would like me to send you a 60 second meditation, you can click here to get started.


Dawn Cady


Dawn Cady is Australia’s premiere transformation & pain management coach and winner of multiple awards for her groundbreaking work. The Neural Alignment Method®  is Dawn’s remarkable brainchild, bringing together the world’s best healing and mindset techniques. With unique expertise and passion, she has helped countless others to achieve real, tangible success, along with a renewed enjoyment and satisfaction in all areas of life.