Tapping for Happiness

Is it really possible to use EFT (Tapping) for Happiness?

Oh yes, it is.

I recently read a quote from the Dalai Lama, he said that it is the purpose of our lives to be happy.

That hit me like a ton of bricks.

Why didn’t someone tell me that all those years ago when I arrived on this earth? No one told me at birth that it was my life’s purpose to be happy. Or any time after that either.

If I had known though, I would never have felt, that whenever something good happened, I had to compensate that with something not so good, just to balance it out. I felt like I had to pay for it. I didn’t think we were rewarded for being happy.

If I had been told that it was my life’s purpose to be happy, I would have known that I was allowed to be happy and I would not have felt that I couldn’t be happy if others weren’t happy. I wouldn’t have felt guilty when I had more than others. I always made sure I didn’t have a lot more than others so maybe that is why I kept myself from having what I needed.

In May this year we showed you how to have Happy Feelings on Command and in June we presented you 7 Ways to Become a Happier Person. And did you enjoy last week’s Fun and jokes as much as I did?

Today, we are going to tap on being Happy. I am excited to share this with you because it is a powerful practice and I encourage every one to do this daily to help you reach your desired goal, which is happiness.

We all have a different idea of what happiness looks and feels like and what needs to show up for us in order for us to experience it.

But the ultimate goal for all of us is to FEEL Happy.

Where do we start, you might ask?

Of course, we start with Love! I’m not talking specifically about romantic love or the love you have for your kids or family, although that will intensify with this exercise as well.

No, I’m talking about expanding into an all-encompassing, almost overwhelming feeling of love for all that is, which incorporates gratitude and appreciation for all that is around you, as well as for yourself, and for others, with acceptance of what is, exactly as it is right now. Because it is from THIS place that your future is created! It is from this place of really feeling, really owning this expansive love and acceptance right now, right where you are at, that creates more happy and loving people around you, more beautiful and valuable things in your environment, beneficial opportunities and circumstances to feel more love, gratitude and appreciation for!

Feeling sceptical right now?

Then I encourage you to try it on for a while and see what happens for you. What do you have to lose? Even if none of these things would manifest for you, you will end up feeling really good while you are tapping. Now that would suck, wouldn’t it?

And yes, I know that we aren’t trained to operate from this expansive place of love. I refer to it as excited anticipation because when you are there, that’s how you will feel when you are in that space.

And I wonder what amazing things are going to come into your experience now?

To experience this, you have to make a commitment to yourself to learn how to co-create the life you want. To bring about the sort of life that gives you the happiness and peace you’ve been looking for. And that’s what we all want right? Ultimately, that’s our top goal, happiness and peace.

We are trained to think that people or things would bring us happiness. This could be a new lover, money or a great career, and we think that these are the ultimate goals we are after. But it is not the money, love or career, that brings us the happiness or peace we are seeking.


So stop chasing after people, places or things that you think will bring you happiness and go right into the feeling of it!

You do that by expanding your gratitude, appreciation and love. And when you do that everything that supports those feelings, anything that gives you more reasons to continue feeling that way, will flow into your life. You begin with being and feeling grateful, appreciative and love and then the happiness will follow.

Trust me, this is Universal Law and it simply works!


For a more detailed explanation of tapping, watch this video:


Here are the tapping points

KC: Karate Chop

EB: Eye Brow

SE: Side of the Eye

UE: Under the Eye

UN: Under the Nose

CH: Chin

CB: Collar Bone

UA: Under the Arm

TH: Top of the Head


So, rate how you are currently feeling on a scale from 0 to 10. And then just go through the following script.


KC: Even though I’m not feeling very loving or appreciative right now and things feel a bit out of sorts for me, I choose to honour how I feel and accept who I am at this moment.

Even though it feels impossible to feel gratitude and love for everything while I’m struggling with just surviving, I choose to accept who I am and how I feel at this moment

Even though I feel stuck and the feeling of peace and happiness seem a long way off, I choose to love who I am and accept myself anyway.


EB: I’m not feeling very loving or appreciative right now

SE: things feel a bit out of sorts for me

UE: it feels impossible to feel gratitude or love for anything

UN: I am struggling with just surviving

CH: I feel stuck

CB: the feeling of peace and happiness seem a long way off

UN: but I choose to honour how I feel right now

TH: and accept who I am at this moment.


EB: I choose to honour where I’m at right now

SE: and I accept all the reasons why I am here

UE: I choose to accept who I am right now

UN: and the reasons why feeling stuck feels validated

CH: I choose to love who I am

CB: and accept myself as I am

UA: I wonder if it’s possible to feel better now

TH: I choose to let go of all that is keeping me from feeling happy


EB: I’m open to the possibility that my perception is clouded right now

SE: if I had known that it was my life’s purpose to be happy

UE: I would not have felt so guilty

UN: I believed I didn’t deserve to be happy or to have enough

CH: I wonder if it’s possible to change my focus

CB: my focus has been on what I don’t have

UA: no wonder I am not happy

TH: I am open to changing my focus


EB: all I have to do is look around me

SE: there is so much I have to be thankful for

UE: I choose to focus on all that is good around me

UN: on all that is good within me

CH: there is so much beauty around me if I allow myself to see it

CB: the birds singing, the amazing wildlife, beautiful plants

UA: there is so much about me that is special

TH: so much I can appreciate about who I am


EB: I am so grateful for all that I am

SE: all I have learned and all that I am becoming

UE: all I have to do is focus on that

UN: I am grateful that I have the choice

CH: the freedom to choose what I focus on

CB: the freedom to choose how I want to feel

UA: I love this freedom of choice and freedom of focus

TH: it is so empowering to know that I can change my point of focus


EB: and therefore raise my emotional state

SE: I now choose appreciation, gratitude and love

UE: I am and always have been love

UN: I choose to be and feel love

CH: expanding into an even greater version of me

CB: I choose to feel and experience love

UA: because that makes me happy

TH: and that is what I deserve to be!


Now, take a deep breath in and slowly breathe out.

Then notice how you are feeling and rate that on the scale from 0 to 10.

I bet you feel better than when you started, right?

If you do this every morning, start your day off with an exercise like this, you will be amazed at the shift within you, and how fast you will notice the changes that are going to happen around you.


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Dawn Cady


Dawn Cady is Australia’s premiere transformation & pain management coach and winner of multiple awards for her groundbreaking work. The Neural Alignment Method®  is Dawn’s remarkable brainchild, bringing together the world’s best healing and mindset techniques. With unique expertise and passion, she has helped countless others to achieve real, tangible success, along with a renewed enjoyment and satisfaction in all areas of life.