If You Want Your Dreams To Become Reality, You Just Have To Take Action [Taking the Right Action]

You “just” have to take action, that’s pretty funny. You’re probably thinking that’s all you do, you are constantly non-stop…until you hit a wall: things don’t go well, you’re exhausted, you seem to be spinning your wheels and going nowhere fast.

There’s a key part missing from “taking massive action” – and that’s determining if the action is appropriate and beneficial in the first place.

Hey, look, we’re not talking about morals or ethics here – although no action should raise a red flag, weigh on your conscience, come from a negative emotion, or hurt your heart. That’s just stating the obvious…

Once again, it comes down to doing vs being (more about this in the future). It’s like putting the cart before the horse…first you have to know who you are before you know what to do…that’s right, know who you are. Have you been listening to your own inner wisdom, or following what others think is right for you? Have you been ignoring your own good advice? Have you been discounting your intuition? Notice the difference when you use your own heightened perception of what to do and what to avoid vs when you over analyse things or turn to your friends for advice.

Are you somewhat confused now and are reluctant to do anything? Harry Truman said “Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.” Well, there are times that may not be true, but overall, it is usually a better choice to do something. Once you get going, you tend to keep going (thank you Newton and your law of inertia). Asking these inter-related questions will keep you going down the right path.

1.) Is this part of my plan?
2.) Will this produce adequate ROI?
3.) Does what I’m doing now benefit my business in a significant way?

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Posted by Dawn Cady on Friday, June 28, 2019


Dawn Cady


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