How to Turn Challenges into Opportunities

According to the laws of duality, there must be always two sides, meaning if something bad happens, something good happens as well.

We are facing many challenges in these times, but that means that there are also many opportunities. The question is: can you see them?

A few examples from very nearby in my own family:

My youngest sister has been giving live training to adults in various locations in the country, which always cost her much time travelling and she had been wondering how she could change that. She also was always limited to the amount of people she could have in one room, due to the size of the room that was available for her. With the corona lock-down she had to do everything on-line, which saved her the time travelling and she was no longer limited in the amount of people she could have per class.

Within just 2 weeks she had tripled her business.

Another sister (I have 3 of them) had been working as a healer both one-on-one at home with her clients and she did some workshops locally. She also had been looking to change that, both for the travel time and the number of clients she was dealing with. She was also forced to do things on-line, started distant healings and on-line workshops with even bigger groups and so doubled her business within 6 weeks, almost without effort.

They now both have more income and more time available to themselves, and their clients are very happy with that.

My brother in law had his own bar for over 25 years and never thought he would do anything else. He had to close his bar with the corona lock-down and lost all of his income overnight, and may have lost his bar completely. But after 2 weeks of lock-down, he started a blog and on-line trainings for wine lovers, as he also is a well-educated wine sommelier, which helped him choose the right wines for his bar. This has given him plenty of opportunities and he has created a new business and income source which he will be able to sustain, even if he cannot keep and rebuild his bar again.

These are just a few things in my own family and I am sure there are plenty of people that have found new opportunities in these times as well. But I know also that a lot of people have not looked for something else to do or have no idea what else they could do.

If you still have your job and are happy with that, there is no reason to look for something else. But what can you do if you have lost your job, either because the company you worked for does not exist anymore, or has to downsize a lot. Or what if you only have been sent home temporarily and can go back to your job as soon as all this is over, but you would really not want to have to do that.

Now is the time to take a really good look at your current situation and see what you like and do not like and then think about how you can change some of those things.

Look at the things you like to do, like hobbies or anything you like to read and talk about. Is there anything you can do with that? You might be very knowledgeable about something lots of other people would love to learn. You can either start live on-line classes, create an on-line course or even write a book. The advantage of this is that this creates residual income for a longer time as well

How about if you combine a few things, and create something new out of that, or just take one aspect of the whole area that you are particularly interested in and dive deeper into it.

You are not your job and you do not have to do the same thing all your life. You can change things. A job is something you do, but now you can start doing something you love.

And you know what? It is easier to succeed and achieve when you are challenged. When things are going smoothly or when we are in ‘normal’ times, it seems there are more opportunities. But it is more difficult to stand out, because everyone shines brightly. However, when real challenges or crises arise, you have the opportunity to step up, handle or change the situation, and resolve the problem in a different way. This crisis creates the opportunity for you to change your future and maybe even the world. Now is the time to shine your light brightly.

When you want to change, but do not know how or what, we might be able to help. You can send a DM if you are interested in a free session, in which we can help you to see how you can rethink your future.

And if by any chance, you happen to have any thoughts about this, then please, do share it with us. We love to hear from you.



Dawn Cady


Dawn Cady is Australia’s premiere transformation & pain management coach and winner of multiple awards for her groundbreaking work. The Neural Alignment Method®  is Dawn’s remarkable brainchild, bringing together the world’s best healing and mindset techniques. With unique expertise and passion, she has helped countless others to achieve real, tangible success, along with a renewed enjoyment and satisfaction in all areas of life.