Meet Dawn Cady, Success Guide, Intuitive

I am here on earth at this time to guide women to their highest potential, by assisting them to heal the relationship with themselves.

We are living through important times right now in the history of humanity and claiming back our power is our role, our right and our soul’s purpose.

Shift the suffering

Shift the suffering mentally, physically, and emotionally

Get clear on who you are

Get clear on who you are and what you are here to do

Connect to a higher source

Connect to the Higher Source and hear your intuition

Welcome Powerful Beings!

It’s no accident you have landed here. Your vibrational energy and your spiritual seeking for life mastery have led your higher self to guide you here.

As you may already know we are not here to just simply do, we are here to be. 

Unfortunately, many of us are doing far too much and not experiencing life. 

So in order for us to create that balance and thrive, we must align with our true nature. 

This is done through aligning to empowered choices and elevating our capacity to CARE for ourselves to new levels of potency, precision, and power.

Why? It’s how we create a life that we actually want to live and much more than that, a life we actually love, a life where we bounce out of bed each day excited for what lies ahead!

When we DO too much we end up suffering and we aren’t meant to stay in suffering, it’s not what life is about, but unfortunately, it’s deeply embedded in many of us.  We have patterns, thoughts, and beliefs that cause us to act, be and believe we MUST work ourselves to death, and be so busy and stressed that we become sick.  Sadly most of the world is completely oblivious to this.

The Way Out…

We have to free ourselves of this embedded matrix, that many call life. This takes courage, patience, and self-compassion. 

I am a guide here on earth that is here to help you to access and maintain a connection to your intuition which will give you your individual blueprint for this life,  raise your energy vibration so that you can magnetise everything you need, and be present with your body, so that it can heal, clear out your mind of the junk and then wire it for health, vitality, and happiness.  I will show you exactly how to move to the life in 5D.

What is 5D?

5D is a deepening of your awareness, an ability to live beyond the physical. It’s where you access your intuition, you use your mind and body for your benefit in life and not be dictated by them. It’s where you are a free being as you are no longer living in reaction to what is going on outside of you. It’s called the seat of power, it’s the ability to access peace no matter what is happening in the world. This is a very important skill to have so you don’t end up living a life in a state of suffering, fear, anxiety. It’s an empowered way to live. It’s how we are meant to live.


Accessing all of this aligns you with the TRUE YOU!  The one you keep yearning and searching for. 

Is it time for you to meet the TRUE you?  A powerful creator! 

If you are ready to leap right in, we have you covered.

I have some questions, Dawn!

Here are some Answers to Questions I have been asked by women just like you:

Every area, the higher self has the answers on everything going on, it has the eagle eyes view. It knows exactly what’s happening, why it’s happening and how to navigate every situation.

It’s for women who know there is a bigger plan for their life, who know their intuition is their powerful allegiance but may struggle to access constant information. That’s where I come in, I can access everything you need to know.

Through years of healing and communicating with the body, I started to get access to information about my clients’ troubles, issues they were facing, and how they can navigate their challenges. It’s an evolution of years of energy healing, channeling my own higher self and channeling the universe’s teachings. I’m simply an open vessel that receives exactly what my clients need to know to move forward in their lives.

Unfortunately, I no longer do, I only work with a small number of clients for 3 to 6 months so I can receive distilled information that is potent so they can change the course of their life and be aligned to their highest life path.

Just like in the movie sliding doors, 1 decision can change the course of a person’s life. My role is to access the highest path so my clients make decisions from that place. The highest and greatest path of growth, happiness, freedom, and much much more.

You will not be pulled to work with me, you will not feel a desire nor will I.

If after reading you are still unsure, may I suggest going through the “6 Steps of Healing” e-book.

I think this will help you get some clarity and you will know if I’m the right person to help you on a deeper level.


If you are more of a self-study lady and want to access some great programs that actually work and help you clear out what’s stopping you from being the true YOU and accessing your potential. These will help you get started.

Self-Study Spiritual Growth Programs (Recorded)

6 stages of healing program

6 Steps of Healing

With the “6 Steps of Healing” program you will experience healing activation sessions that are equivalent to at least 3-4 years of traditional therapy.  Experience an upgrade of your energy body, including your physical, mental, and emotional body.

This is for those that are ready and open to healing.  If you are suffering mentally, physically, and/or emotionally these activations will assist you to create new neural connections, calm your nervous system, and realign your energy body.

private healing session

The Rise of the Sovereign Being

In this Program you walk away activated and aligned to your higher self, allowing you to easily align to your true self, you will be imprinted with your original blueprint and will have a profound knowing that you are powerful beyond your mind’s capacity to comprehend.  This will allow you to start to align and create a life you love. 

This is for those that are ready and open to accessing and meeting their higher self. 

If you are suffering from confidence issues, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, or fears that keep you trapped this program will assist you to create new neural connections, calm your nervous system, and realign your energy body to the truth of who you are.

If you are wanting to experience my work before investing, I get it 🙂 here are some really great FREE resources: 

6 Steps of Healing E-Book

6 Steps Healing Framework

Receive unique information about the healing journey you, your mind & body have to go through in order to overcome any type of pain, be it mental, physical or emotional. 

Being an Awakened Soul

Here is where I share Spiritual Guidance, Higher Channelled Messages, Perform Energy Work, Neural Alignment Method®, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Guided Meditations, I also use Oracle and Tarot Cards, to help assist awakened soul. 

Check out my Youtube channel to find out more: