Happy Feelings on Command

Creating happy feelings on command. Is that even possible, you might ask and my answer is: Yes!

There is a way of doing that, it comes from NLP and is called anchoring.

You create an anchor on your body with happy memories and every time you touch that anchor, you will feel those happy feelings from your happy memories.

The more memories you associate with that anchor, the stronger the feelings are that you will have.

What you have to do for that is easy enough.

Choose a point on your body that is easy to touch and does not look weird when you touch it, so you can touch it in public. Lots of people will choose a spot on their hand, arm or face because that is easy and not strange.

Then, while touching that spot, you think about something that makes you happy, this can be a memory, a person, a pet or even something you visualise for the future. It has to generate loving and/or happy feelings and emotions in you, preferably make you smile when you think about this. Every time again.

Then, think about it again, while touching that same spot. Or maybe you can think of something else that makes you happy and feel those emotions as well while touching that spot.

You can do this with a few memories, people, pets or visions, alternating and even combining works as well. For instance, if you like a person and a pet, imagine that person with that pet. If there is something you would like to do in the future, imagine doing it with your favourite person. You get the idea.

Now, while touching the spot, you think about the strongest happiest thing and increase these happy feelings and emotions. You can make the image stronger by adding sound, smell, taste etc. to make the imprint and the emotion even stronger. The more you repeat this the stronger the effect is. If you can do this for 7 days and then repeat this about once a month you will have a very powerful tool here that absolutely will do wonders for you.

When I did this the first time, I chose a spot on my left hand, just squeezing a finger and that worked really well. And each time I did that I noticed that I was smiling and that my smile even enhanced the good feeling I created, so I was then thinking: “Can I use my smile for that?”

Well, I tried that and that worked so well for me that it is now actually hard for me to stop smiling because it makes me feel so good.

It works the same as with a spot on your body, just that now instead of touching some spot, you just smile. And believe me, the smile will get broader and wider with every memory you attach to it.

The beauty of doing this with your smile is that smiling works contagious, you will notice that when you go about your day smiling all the time, others will start smiling back at you, which will increase the good feelings on your smile again. And you will notice as well that when you smile a lot, others start to expect that from you and already smile in anticipation at you, which causes you to smile back, giving you a rush of good feelings and emotions, even when you were not feeling so great just before that.

The more you use your smile to feel good, the stronger the attachment to the good feelings become and when you smile often, you do not have to repeat the anchoring at all because it will become hard-wired in your brain.

And a smile hardly ever looks weird or strange, is always seen as positive and for me, it already had the advantage that it already made me feel good, even before I attached all those wonderful memories, people, etc. to it. For me, this is a total win-win situation. Just try it and you will see that it really works, I would say it almost works miracles.

So, let’s make the world smile.

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Dawn Cady


Dawn Cady is Australia’s premiere transformation & pain management coach and winner of multiple awards for her groundbreaking work. The Neural Alignment Method®  is Dawn’s remarkable brainchild, bringing together the world’s best healing and mindset techniques. With unique expertise and passion, she has helped countless others to achieve real, tangible success, along with a renewed enjoyment and satisfaction in all areas of life.