5 Things chronic pain sufferers understand

Pain is an enemy that slowly snatches your happiness away by causing constant challenges and making you incapable of managing daily life in a normal way. I have been the victim of such a harrowing and mentally draining experience of life as I also suffered chronic pain for about 30 years, and the one thing I’ve understood is that all chronic pain sufferers are one, big family.

I understand how it might be affecting your moods, behaviour, and relationships.

If you are also the victim of chronic pain, you most probably can relate to the following.

The experience of lazy mornings

Finding it difficult to get up in the morning is very common amongst those in pain. Waking up feeling lousy and fatigued can become a standard start to the day. And this is carried out throughout the day, such as standing up for 15 minutes, most would see as a relatively short period of time, is exhausting. This constant feeling of exhaustion strips away who you are your energy and your enthusiasm for life. Even if your pain is not a continuous daily struggle, it’s still stealing months if not years of your life.

Dependent on painkillers

When you have tried all the home remedies like heat packs, oils, going to a yoga, stretching and so on, painkillers should always be a last resort to reduce pain. However, many have no idea there are other options out there that are free of side effects. We have become to rely on visiting a physician and following medication plans. However, many chronic pain sufferers have no idea there are other options out there that are free of side effects. We have become to rely on visiting a physician and following medication plans. However, excess use of painkillers can and will weaken your body’s immunity leading to problems like indigestion, heart ailments etc. They are not the permanent solution, but just short-term relief at that moment.

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Daily chores are difficult to manage when you are in pain, and it becomes demoralising. According to experts or pain specialists, chronic pain sufferers are more likely to incur negative thoughts and think about taking extreme steps like suicide. It’s understandable; I felt trapped in a life I did not want to live. Living in pain affects the mind, it starts with losing self-esteem, as we start comparing ourselves with who we used to be before pain entered our lives. Thinking if I was who I used to be, I would be fine, and I could manage. But this person I am now is an empty shell, and it’s all too hard.

Making plans is daunting

Your plans for weekend getaways, family outings and dinners, watching a movie outside etc., are a distant memory. Even the thought of hanging out is haunting as it will bring along, a complicated thread of several other thoughts like you may not be able to stay out for the duration, as the pain might start suddenly or it may become so severe that walking or sitting becomes unbearable.

Pain means… fading social life

The situation is like… a great party at your friend’s place, which you can’t attend. You just end up seeing all those pictures on your social media account. Don’t get me wrong it is lovely seeing those moments, but it’s upsetting too, its a constant reminder of who you were and who you are now.

Your offline social life is not like it used to be. You want to participate in all those happening events, but your pain stops you. It is separating you from your best pals and close ones.

I remember how I lonely I felt when I could not go to get-togethers with my friends due to my pain. You see it’s not just physical pain; it’s mental pain that damages us. Losing your independence and personality personally was the most difficult for me.

I have shared the difficult phases with you, so you know you are not alone, I found the isolation the biggest killer. Having no one to truly relate with, or to is horrendous, and it’s not about moaning and complaining it’s about having another human being understanding what you are experiencing and feeling.

I also want to share with you I used to depend on painkillers, 13 a day in fact. And my mission is to share my experiences in a hope you don’t end up where I did; There are so many natural treatments out there that did wonders for my health, helping me to recover from my painful life.

Now, being a transformed person, I have become a Pain Transformation Coach, and I want to help transform lives of those suffering from chronic pain. I have created many effective pain management strategies, which include many different natural ways, including tools, techniques, and therapies. I have studied for well over a decade spending hundreds of thousands and have brought together all of my experiences with pain, the knowledge I have learnt myself through these challenges and the knowledge I have attained through my studies to introduce an all-inclusive package.

My purpose is to help you feel relieved from pain, to help you lead a better life, much happier and healthier life is my wish for you.

If you are suffering from any pain, and please remember chronic pain is pain that keeps coming back, it’s not always with you every day. And all pains can be reduced if not eliminated, and please know we are not meant to live in pain.

My treatments are unlike painkillers, they don’t have side effects and have the power to heal you physically and mentally.

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Dawn Cady


Dawn Cady is Australia’s premiere transformation & pain management coach and winner of multiple awards for her groundbreaking work. The Neural Alignment Method®  is Dawn’s remarkable brainchild, bringing together the world’s best healing and mindset techniques. With unique expertise and passion, she has helped countless others to achieve real, tangible success, along with a renewed enjoyment and satisfaction in all areas of life.