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I could see in Dawns eyes how much compassion and understanding she has for the suffering. I came to her with deep-seated childhood traumas. She took me through effective questions to find the root cause. That’s the sign of a quality therapist, being able to gently bring that up in a safe space. She was also adaptable to my needs. I used most of a box of tissues as I processed old issues. I felt exuberant after and rather than feeling tired, had much more energy. When you’re ready to deal with patterns that don’t work anymore, give Dawn a call.
Gavin Patterson

Sydney, NSW

Thank you Dawn, for realizing your genius and having the courage and kindness to package and share all your special unique gifts and abilities into a process and vehicle that produces life changing shifts for all who believe. You sent me on an exiting journey I would never even have dared to imagine.  I really thank you from the bottom of my very grateful, very full and loving and appreciative heart, thank you for those wonderful and special moments in time, they are cherished memories.
Candy Millers

Melbourne, VIC

I feel like I finally have direction and a plan of action. You have no idea how much this means to me and I feel quite teary and happy thinking about it. Your support and beautiful, kind, loving (and firm) approach is awesome. I feel very blessed to have you as my coach. Sending much love, gratitude and thanks.
Melanie Earl

Melbourne, VIC

My first session with Dawn was nothing short of amazing! I went into the session uncertain as to how much I would get out of it. I was looking for clarity. She also allowed me to see my limiting beliefs (which I had no idea that I had!).
Michelle Jones

Melbourne, VIC

I can’t thank Dawn enough for helping me deal with some of the most difficult times I was having. Her greatest gift was the unconditional gift of helping. Her sincere and heartfelt motivation in sharing her methodology helped me cope with past issues from childhood that caused me to play small. She helped shed light on things that I never realised before and guided me patiently to learn how to accept and deal with them. She’s been an inspiration and certainly a guardian angel that the Universe sent!
Katie Johanssen

Sydney, NSW

I now have clear actions to take in overcoming my beliefs and realizing my full potential. I am so excited, when I think about the wonderful result that I can see is now possible for me! I would highly recommend Dawn to anyone looking to make a breakthrough in their ‘stuckness’. She is intuitive, encouraging and has a lovely, gentle nature with just the right amount of spirit to get you moving! Thank you Dawn!
Claire Brown

Adelaide SA

By the time I’ve finished talking to my coach Dawn I feel like I can do anything. – I KNOW I can do anything. She opens my eyes time and time again to see the Truth. And the Truth is that there are no boundaries except for the ones we make for ourselves to protect ourselves from a failure that is again, all an illusion created by ourselves. She shows me my true potential, she reveals to me my dreams and shows me how I can attain them just by changing the way I think and look at things. Dawn never fails in helping me succeed the most important things. She is there every step of the way. I have regained my personal power with her dedication. Dawn leaves me feeling Alive and excited about life every time. There are no limits with Dawn – she is incredible!
Leanne Bryant, Sydney NSW

Sydney, NSW

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